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‘Coaching, Concussions, Careers + Culture’ — Muchnick Interview With John M. O’Connor of CareerPro Inc.

Published June 21st, 2016, Uncategorized

Thank you to John M. O’Connor of CareerPro Inc. — a Raleigh, North Carolina-based career management service ( — for a fabulous interview with me that he is publishing on LinkedIn and elsewhere. Fabulous because John says nice things about me, and fabulous because he lets me ramble about my themes and obsessions. The link […]

Will Maniac Damon Harrington Still Be Cal Football’s Strength and Conditioning Coach As of July 1?

Published June 20th, 2016, Uncategorized

“Explainer: How ‘Insider’ Access Made San Francisco Chronicle and Berkeley J-School Miss Real Story Behind Death of Cal Football’s Ted Agu,” Complete headline links to our Ted Agu series: Installments to date in THE TED AGU PAPERS:     by Irvin Muchnick   We have published […]

In Record-Setting Quick Succession, Cal Basketball Coach Cuonzo Martin Cleared of Sexual Harassment Cover-Up, Inked to New Multimillion-Dollar Deal

Published June 17th, 2016, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   In the University of California-Berkeley basketball sexual harassment cover-up — second cousin to the University of California-Berkeley football cover-up of the negligent homicide of Ted Agu — the only coach who wound up sustaining bus tire tread marks was Yann Hufnagel, assistant to head basketball coach Cuonzo Martin. Hufnagel resigned after […]

Ireland’s ‘Broadsheet’ Connects George Gibney and Irish Swimming Abuse Scandals to One of the Country’s Most Sensational Murder Cold Cases

Published June 16th, 2016, Uncategorized

Complete headline links to our series on George Gibney are at   by Irvin Muchnick   Our friends at Broadsheet, the Irish news site, have produced another of their exhaustively reported timelines on a sensational abuse case and allegations of official malfeasance in investigating it. This one concerns the 1986 disappearance and presumed death […]

Case of Stanford Swimmer-Rapist Brock Turner Is Only Loosely Connected to the Systematic Abuse Crimes of USA Swimming

Published June 12th, 2016, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   Many readers have been asking me to comment on the rape case of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. The story has some obvious connections to Concussion Inc.’s coverage of widespread coach sexual abuse. In other ways, it is a different conversation altogether. There is no doubt, however, that like workplace sexual harassment […]