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Historian Matt Chaney’s ‘Football Papers’ Project — Brain Injury Findings Are a Story As Old As the Invention of the Huddle

Published January 4th, 2016, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   We reiterate our pointer to Matt Chaney’s time line of basic media coverage of football brain injuries. This material simply blows out of the water the claims of Bennet Omalu, his new foundation, and his movie and minions that chronic traumatic encephalopathy — by any name and with respect to football […]

Guest Column by Katherine Snedaker of Pink Concussions on “Omalu: The Force Awakens”

Published January 3rd, 2016, Uncategorized

As football historian Matt Chaney is exhaustively documenting, the case of the long known, established, and named chronic traumatic encephalopathy — even in application to football players — is overwhelming. Tomorrow we’ll have more thoughts from Chaney, and we’ll resume pressing Sony Pictures for an accounting of the Concussion movie marketing campaign in partnership with […]

From ChaneysBlog: 1900-1968 News Line of Football Brain Damage and Policy-Making

Published January 1st, 2016, Uncategorized

1900-1968 NEWS LINE OF FOOTBALL BRAIN DAMAGE AND POLICY-MAKING By Matt Chaney Friday, January 1, 2016 1900 Oct. 24  Yale coaches contend that ‘heavy leather helmets’ lead to ‘headlong’ collisions in college football, news scribe reports 1900 Nov. 12  Princeton coaches endorse football helmets because ‘head injuries are generally more lasting and serious’ than those elsewhere, news scribe reports […]

ICYMI: Our Series on How the ‘Concussion’ Movie Devolved From a Humanist Project to a Money Grab

Published January 1st, 2016, Uncategorized

In 2007, the time of the double murder-suicide of WWE’s Chris Benoit, there was a vision of a public campaign to use the cluster of findings of ex-Pittsburgh Steelers players to make everyone fully aware, not just vaguely aware, that in this important way football = boxing. But Bennet Omalu et al. broke up with […]