November 9, 2015

Crying ‘Wolfe’: Football Hijacks a Social Victory

Irvin Muchnick ‏@irvmuch 1/3 Someone needs to throw two contrarian Q’s into the story of how “power of football” brought down University of Mizzouri prez. Here […]
November 8, 2015

Rapist Swim Coach George Gibney Appears to Have Overlapped at Ireland’s Newpark School With Controversial Vancouver Olympics Chief John Furlong

by Irvin Muchnick     George Gibney — the rapist former Irish national swim team coach whose 20 years of alien residency in the United States […]
November 5, 2015

Olympic Hopeful Turned 50-Year Abuse Survivor — In an Exclusive Interview, Speed Skating’s 1960s Golden Girl, Vickie Swanson, Explains Why She Disappeared

by Irvin Muchnick Heading toward the 1968 Winter Olympics in France, it appeared that Southern California would be contributing at least two major female medal hopefuls […]
November 2, 2015

Our 25 Years of Coverage of the Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Murder Case: Headline Links

The 2013 ebook, JUSTICE DENIED: The Untold Story of Nancy Argentino’s Death in Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s Hotel Room, annotates our original article and benefits a women’s […]
November 2, 2015

Two Footnotes on Today’s Jimmy Snuka Murder Case Developments

1. I now know for a fact that NBC’s “Dateline” did not, at any time, contact the Lehigh County district attorney’s office. Either Charles Gallagher, the […]
November 2, 2015

Behind Gag Order in Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Murder Trial: Fear of Reporting and Commentary on Prosecutorial Misconduct

by Irvin Muchnick   P.S. 1:10 p.m. Pacific time: Contrary to what was reported by Lehigh Valley Live (and, possibly, incorrectly told to reporter Sarah Cassi), […]