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With Capitol Hill in Holding Pattern on Amateur Sports Abuse Investigations, Here’s a Glimpse of the Testimony to Congressman Miller

Published April 6th, 2015, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   At the behest of an Irish legislator, police there are reexamining the criminal cases of two-continent abusive coach George Gibney. The U.S. government is in final review of Concussion Inc.’s request for release of the files that might reveal who sponsored Gibney’s emigration here. And the Government Accountability Office is said […]

Update (Not) on USA Swimming’s Alex Pussiedi Investigation

Published April 5th, 2015, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   While we await the federal government response to our request for George Gibney’s immigration records, let’s not forget the purported newest USA Swimming investigation of Alex Pussieldi – now in at least its 15th month. In February 2013, Nancy Fisher – an ex-Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who is one of […]

New Arizona Law to Close ‘Greg Winslow Loophole’ For Swim Coach Abuse

Published April 2nd, 2015, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick   Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is expected to sign into law a bill passed by the state legislature that would make it likelier that swimming coaches who commit the kinds of abuses of which Greg Winslow was guilty will be tried for criminal acts. In February 2013, Concussion Inc. broke the story […]