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Maryland Health Secretary Sharfstein: Statement Coming About Baltimore Aquatic Center Report on Swimmer Louis Lowenthal’s Drowning Death

Published February 26th, 2013, Uncategorized

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Maryland’s secretary of health, emailed me last night to say that the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene would be issuing a statement on the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center’s report on the October 28, 2012, incident in which 14-year-old North Baltimore Aquatic Club swimmer Louis Lowenthal drowned. I have criticized the incident report […]

AP With a Longer One on USA Swimming’s Con Man Coach in San Diego

Published February 25th, 2013, Uncategorized USA Swimming’s yada yada yada: “As part of USA Swimming’s partnership with our membership, we strongly encourage anyone with information about a possible Code of Conduct violation to contact us so we can further investigate the claims,” the organization said in a statement. “The success of our Safe Sport program relies on all of […]

San Diego School District Has to Answer, Too, For Curriculum Vitae of Con Man Serra High School Swim Coach James Pantera

Published February 25th, 2013, Uncategorized

While the pathetic USA Swimming “safe sport” machinery takes some more shots, all fully deserved, for newly credentialed San Diego club coach James Pantera, a convicted federal felon and con man, let’s not let the San Diego Unified School District off the hook. Pantera is also the swimming coach at Serra High School in San Diego. […]

AP Picks Up Story of the Con Man Youth Coach Missed by USA Swimming’s Crack Background Check System

Published February 25th, 2013, Uncategorized

One link to the coverage by Paul Newberry of the Associated Press is The story quotes USA Swimming as saying it will “carefully look into the matter.” Yeah, you go ahead and do that. But the rest of us aren’t holding our breath — above or below the water’s surface.   Irv Muchnick

More Details on Con Man San Diego Youth Swim Coach James Pantera’s Criminal Record

Published February 25th, 2013, Uncategorized

Here were the federal charges in Wisconsin: * false statement in application/use of passport * unlawful transport of firearms * embezzlement, stealing, fraud, false statements, forgery A facsimile of the document from the PACER federal court system is at