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On My Bookshelf Under ‘Fiction’: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Lance Armstrong Autobiography, ‘Love Story’ by Manti Te’o, King & Spaulding Report on Paterno … and USA Swimming’s Newly Published ‘Safe Sport Manual’

Published February 10th, 2013, Uncategorized

This post has been deleted, consistent with a July 15, 2013, consent order in U.S. District Court in Maryland. The full text of the consent order is viewable at For new developments, follow Concussion Inc.’s coverage on July 15, 2013, and thereafter.

Remember the Signature Pharmacy PED Scandal? Our ebook, ‘The China Syndrome’, Captures That History

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Among other things, the scandal over Biogenesis, Anthony Bosch’s performance-enhancing drug dispensary in Florida, has re-engulfed Ryan Braun, the National League’s most valuable player in 2011. Last year Major League Baseball suspended Braun for 50 games for a positive drug test, then rescinded the penalty when Braun’s crack legal team successfully challenged the chain of […]

More Patrick Hruby: Hitting NFL’s Propaganda High and Low

Published February 9th, 2013, Uncategorized

When it comes to chronicling the nervous breakdown of contemporary sports, no one’s got game like Patrick Hruby. A staff writer for the Washington Times who freelances widely — for ESPN, Sports on Earth, and others — Hruby can play small ball or long ball. He can write a sizzling essay and, as he showed […]

Ode to Robert D. McFadden, Prose-Poet of New York Times Blizzard Coverage

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Taking a break from this blog’s missions on All-American traumatic brain injury and child sexual abuse, I extend a wish for the warmth and safety of everyone in the northeastern United States today. That goes especially for veteran New York Times reporter Robert D. McFadden, who is missing from the newspaper’s blizzard coverage for the […]

Brilliant ESPN Article by Patrick Hruby Tells the George Visger Story From Head to Toe

Published February 8th, 2013, Uncategorized

Last year the Concussion Inc. ebook imprint published a kind of Reader’s Digest autobiography by George Visger. Today published a long profile of Visger by Patrick Hruby, one of the country’s most brilliant writers on sports or anything else. “The Damage Done,”, is a must-read. Hruby has it all: Visger’s bone-crunching ethos; his […]