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Irish Sex Abuse Chronicler Justine McCarthy: Concern That Swim Officials Who Participated in Cover-Up Remain in Power

Published October 31st, 2012, Uncategorized

As I said in a post last month, those of us trying to get to the foggy bottom of the USA Swimming sex abuse outrages owe a profound debt to the work of Justine McCarthy, a writer for London’s Sunday Times. Her 2009 book, Deep Deception: Ireland’s Swimming Scandals, is the template for what is […]

Why My Headlines Say ‘Rick Curl, Rapist’ Rather Than ‘Rick Curl, Who Allegedly And Tragically Had a Single Lapse in Judgment Many Years Ago’

Published October 28th, 2012, Uncategorized

A reader who says she was coached by Rick Curl even longer ago than Kelley Davies Currin emailed that she is offended by my repeated references to him as a “rapist.” My short answer to the woman is that, while she finds the word offensive, I find the act offensive. More than cheap rhetorical points, […]

After Rick Curl: The Wider Net of Accountability for Swim Coach Sex Abuse

Published October 27th, 2012, Uncategorized

This article was originally published at on August 7 under the headline “Rick Curl Sex Abuse Case Raises New Concerns” ( by Irvin Muchnick For those wondering if the problem of sex abuse in our national youth competitive swimming program is truly worse than Penn State — and if so, why — I say […]

In North Baltimore Aquatic Club Sex Abuse Scenario, We Wait For More Documents and Victims to Emerge

Published October 26th, 2012, Uncategorized

In the wake of the Rick Curl arrest in Montgomery County, Maryland, let’s go back to where we left off with Michael Phelps’ team, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club (NBAC). I’m calling for the open release of more documentation of local law enforcement and child protection agencies’ roles in the 2010-11 dissemination of information regarding […]

Rick Curl Arrest: Let’s Connect the Swimming Sex Abuse Dots, From Washington to Baltimore … And All the Way to Colorado Springs

Published October 26th, 2012, Uncategorized

I’ve been too hard on The Washington Post for sharing with readers approximately one percent of what it knows about the sordid and criminal sexual exploitation of adolescent and pre-adolescent girls by their swimming coaches. At least The Post gave Kelley Davies Currin a platform this summer for the revelations about Rick Curl, one of […]