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Notes on Another Football Suicide, O.J. Murdock

Published August 1st, 2012, Uncategorized

The death by self-inflicted gunshot wound of the Tennessee Titans’ O.J. Murdock is noted here in a break from our ongoing real-time coverage of the USA Swimming sex abuse scandal, which proceeds under cover of Olympic flag-waving. There was a time not long ago when a swimming development would have prompted a break from my […]

EXCLUSIVE: Attorney for Victim of Rapist Coach Rick Curl Challenges USA Swimming on Tonight’s ‘Emergency Hearing’

Published August 1st, 2012, Uncategorized

Below is the full text of an email sent this morning by B. Robert Allard, attorney for Kelley Davies-Currin, to Richard Young of the Bryan Cave law firm, outside counsel for USA Swimming. Dear Mr. Young: The purpose of this correspondence is twofold. First, although Ms. Currin remains of the position that her “testimony” during […]