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Yahoo Sports’ Jumps Into the Pool

Published July 26th, 2012, Uncategorized

As Jimmy Durante said, everyone wants to get in on the act. “Troubled Waters” is the headline over the lead story at, an affiliate of Yahoo Sports. It even has my byline. However, I had no contact with their editors between last Friday — six days ago — and a post-midnight email this morning […]

FBI Should Investigate USA Swimming For Cover-Up of Coach Norm Havercroft’s Serial Sex Abuse

Published July 25th, 2012, Uncategorized

On the eve of the Olympics, there is a flurry of attention to the scandal of sex abuse, and the cover-up thereof, at USA Swimming. Yesterday rescued from samizdat obscurity my long Yahoo Sports-commissioned-and-spiked article. Today The Washington Post reported allegations against a top coach, Rick Curl, who immediately announced he was taking a […]

Washington Post Bombshell on Coach Rick Curl Recalls USA Swimming’s ‘Emergency Hearing Process’ and Testy PR Director

Published July 25th, 2012, Uncategorized

In the previous post I introduced readers to the new Washington Post revelation about sex abuse allegations against swimming coach Rick Curl. Go read the story by The Post’s Amy Shipley, at, and come back. One thing this helps clarify is USA Swimming’s muddled “emergency hearing process.” Shipley writes: “Emergency hearings generally take place […]

Washington Post: Prominent Coach Rick Curl Under Investigation For 1983 Relationship With 13-Year-Old Swimmer

Published July 25th, 2012, Uncategorized

Curl-Burke founder Rick Curl faces hearing on former swimmer’s account of underage sexual relationship Amy Shipley, The Washington Post This follows one day after publication by of my investigative feature “Widespread Sex Abuse of Young Female Swimmers Continues to Plague USA Swimming,” My piece notes the recent arrest of Noah Rucker, a […]

Swimming Sex Abuse Expose Killed by Yahoo Sports — Read It Now at

Published July 24th, 2012, Uncategorized

Poisoned Waters Widespread Sex Abuse of Young Female Swimmers Continues To Plague USA Swimming With focus on Olympics, critics question whether organization doing enough to prevent abuse As I’ve related previously, Yahoo Sports and its affiliate ThePostGame sent me to the Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha last month to wrap up a long feature […]