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Are You Ready for Some … Flag Football? Stay Tuned. Plus: The Great Debates

Published May 10th, 2012, Uncategorized

This has been an important week in the devolution of the football phenomenon.  Junior Seau killed himself – who knows why at this point, but the tributaries of new public perception  often spring from ironic sources. And ESPN’s Outside the Lines is giving major, sustained, thoughtful attention to the future shape of the sport. There […]

Dustin Fink’s Concussion Blog: ‘Are Our Kids Guinea Pigs?… Irv Is Logistically Correct Here’

Published May 9th, 2012, Uncategorized

“Are Our Kids Guinea Pigs for Concussions?” Dustin Fink, The Concussion Blog

‘A Concerned Mom’: ‘Great Article by Muchnick’

Published May 9th, 2012, Uncategorized

From the comments log at Dustin Fink’s Concussion Blog, in reference to my Beyond Chron column today. I hereby nominate “A Concerned Mom” for the presidency of Mothers Against Drunk Football.   Great article by Muchnick. I had just been watching Dr. Ledy’s webinar before reading it, and can’t help but agree with Muchnick […]

Frank Deford’s Strong NPR Commentary on Youth Football

Published May 9th, 2012, Uncategorized

(reprinted with permission)   FRANK DEFORD   Sweetness And Light by Frank Deford Mind Games: Football And Head Injuries Download  May 9, 2012 Even as the great, sad Junior Seau killed himself, more and more other old football players are joining in class action to sue the National Football League. They’re claiming, generally, that while […]

‘Let Elite Athletes Destroy Their Own Brains – But Stop Turning High School Players into Tackling Dummies’ … today at Beyond Chron

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During the 1981 major league baseball players’ strike, I traveled to Norfolk, Virginia, to watch the New York Mets’ top farm club at the time, the Tidewater Tides. As I would confirm over the years in attendance at more minor league games at all levels, there are only a handful of genuine prospects on the […]