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‘Penn State in the Pool: California Legislators Plunge Into USA Swimming Sex Abuse Scandal’ …

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… Muchnick exclusive Friday at

‘United States of Football’ Documentary Maker Sean Pamphilon Does Some Documenting

Published April 5th, 2012, Uncategorized

I was scheduled to be interviewed today by Sean Pamphilon for his upcoming documentary The United States of Football. Yesterday Pamphilon emailed to tell me that he would be late getting into town and our meeting had to be postponed until Friday or Saturday. “A story coming out tonight will explain the delay,” Sean wrote. […]

PBS ‘NewsHour’ and Others Need to Get Past the ‘Filtered Cigarette’ Stage of Youth Football Helmet Technology and Hit Meters

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Tonight PBS’s NewsHour has a valuable backgrounder on impact telemetry in youth football. The report by Stone Phillips covers technology and data developed by researchers at Wake Forest and Virginia Tech Universities. The video is already up at To its credit, NewsHour presents the information soberly and without pornographically titillating footage of thunderous collisions […]