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Duerson Legacy Belongs in a Labor Department Audit, Not in Jock Hagiography

Published May 5th, 2011, Uncategorized

Alan Schwarz of The New York Times has taken the Dave Duerson story exactly where it needs to go: toward no-holds-barred examination of the National Football League disability benefits system, which Duerson himself, with cruel irony, had helped administer and defend. See “Duerson’s case highlights the limits of the N.F.L.’s disability plan,” The money […]

‘Duerson CTE Finding Must Change NFL Concussion Debate From Consciousness-Raising to Accountability’ … today at Beyond Chron

Published May 3rd, 2011, Uncategorized

Dave Duerson had CTE – chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The finding on the brain of the 50-year-old retired National Football League star, who committed suicide in February, was announced at a Monday news conference conducted by doctors at Boston University’s Center for the Study of CTE, Chris Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute, and Duerson’s ex-wife and four […]

Dave Duerson’s CTE and the Cause of Living Brain-Injured NFL Alumni

Published May 2nd, 2011, Uncategorized

At a just-concluded press conference in Boston attended by Dave Duerson’s ex-wife and their four children, doctors affiliated with Boston University and Chris Nowinski’s Sports Legacy Institute announced that the postmortem study of the brain of Duerson, who committed suicide in February, confirms that he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy. He is one of dozens of […]