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Out of Respect for Dave Duerson, NFL Must Reopen Rejected Disability Claims

Published February 25th, 2011, Uncategorized

In covering Dave Duerson’s suicide pointedly, I mean no disrespect for the memory of someone who, according to many people who knew him, was a good guy. I never met the man myself. But my research on the murder-suicide of wrestler Chris Benoit and its offshoots has turned me into a lay PhD candidate on […]

Dave Duerson’s Posthumous ‘Deadspin’ Interview Is More Revealing Than Candid

Published February 25th, 2011, Uncategorized

Writer Rob Trucks interviewed Dave Duerson, three months before he committed suicide, as part of an oral-history project on life challenges at age 50., the provocative sports news site, published an excerpt this week. It’s a valuable and timely document that everyone should read: “‘You Have to Accept My Pain,’”!5767609/you-have-to-accept-my-pain-an-interview-with-dave-duerson-three-months-before-his-suicide. I have a […]

‘Dave Duerson Knew Nothing About Concussions and Players’ Best Interests’ – My Exclusive Interview With Ex-Minnesota Viking Brent Boyd

Published February 24th, 2011, Uncategorized

by Irvin Muchnick The suicide of former National Football League star and fallen business titan Dave Duerson has ricocheted through the media as a wake-up call on the American sports concussion crisis. But one of Duerson’s chief adversaries over the years – retired Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Brent Boyd, himself a concussion victim and head […]

For Dave Duerson, ‘88 Plan’ Wasn’t Enough

Published February 23rd, 2011, Uncategorized

The Dave Duerson suicide is a chilling event through and through. One of the coldest things is its recursive irony: Duerson served on the National Football League committee that helped process disability claims of families of retired players, including the “88 Plan,” which defrays the medical bills of victims of dementia. Even if Duerson’s golden […]

WWE Hall of Fame Flashback: What Shawn Michaels Did to Lance Cade

Published February 22nd, 2011, Uncategorized

“Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels Should Speak Up on What Happened to Lance Cade,” February 14, “Did WWE’s Lance Cade Have Brain Damage? It May Not Be Too Late to Find Out,” February 15,