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Blumenthal Asked About Wrestling Regulation at First Post-Election Press Conference

Published November 3rd, 2010, Uncategorized

From the blog coverage by Daniela Altimari of the Hartford Courant ( Hearst’s Brian Lockhart asked Blumenthal if he intends to pursue greater regulation of professional wrestling, an issue he repeatedly raised in his campaign against Republican Linda McMahon. “One issue that I clealry saw as important is the potential dangers of steroids — the […]

‘Road Map to New Government Investigations of Pro Wrestling’ … at Wrestling Observer website

Published November 3rd, 2010, Uncategorized

Irv Muchnick talks fallout of McMahon campaign; and possible post-campaign repercussions Road Map to New Government Investigations of Pro Wrestling Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

Linda McMahon Is Not ‘Going to Fade into the Woodwork’ – Threat or Promise?

Published November 3rd, 2010, Uncategorized

Linda McMahon, co-founder of a junk-entertainment death mill that has claimed the lives of scores of young men and women, vowed not to “fade into the woodwork” last night as she conceded a 100,000-vote, double-digit-percentage loss to Richard Blumenthal in the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut. Well, let’s hope not. The biggest public service McMahon […]

Linda McMahon Loses

Published November 2nd, 2010, Uncategorized

We won’t know the final numbers for a while, but it was not a squeaker. McMahon conceded to Senator-elect Richard Blumenthal around 10:15 p.m. Eastern time. Tomorrow: Some thoughts from here on what it all means.   Irv Muchnick

Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News Is Such a Sensitive Young Man

Published November 1st, 2010, Uncategorized

Glad to see that Mike Lupica has discovered that “the whole process has turned into pro wrestling now.” “Linda, Vince McMahon bring ‘goodie bag’ vote in Connecticut as voters wrestle with bad choices”   Irv Muchnick