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‘Concussion Issue Reaches Critical Mass in American Culture and Politics’ (full text)

Published November 20th, 2010, Uncategorized

[originally published at Beyond Chron, November 12,] by Irvin Muchnick Have you seen the new TV commercial from Toyota about concussions in football? The car company brags that its research on crash safety has been turned over to the grand pooh-bahs of sports, where it now allow moms to watch their precious sons block […]

Muchnick’s Capitol Report

Published November 19th, 2010, Uncategorized

Blumenthal brings Better Business Bureau to its knees … Blumenthal to ‘actively’ keep the heat on Google … Blumenthal to follow through on investigations of death and occupational safety standards in the pro wrestling industry … OK, so only the first two are current headlines in the redoubtable Tom Dudchik’s Capitol Report, But the […]

Linda McMahon’s Second Act

Published November 19th, 2010, Uncategorized

Linda McMahon, losing Senate candidate in a near-landslide, is crawling out of the woodwork a bit faster than expected. That’s like putting the ball on a tee for an experienced and witty pundit like Rick Green, columnist and blogger for the Hartford Courant. See “Linda in 2012? Are You Paying Any Attention At All?”, […]

Connecticut: No Complaint Paper Trail in WWE Independent Contractor Investigation

Published November 19th, 2010, Uncategorized

This morning I got an email from Heidi Lane, principal attorney in the Office of Program Policy at the Connecticut Department of Labor. Lane was responding to the public records request I had sent to Acting Labor Commissioner Linda Agnew. Lane wrote: “A search of the records of the CT Department of Labor (I am […]

WWE a Beneficiary of Connecticut Film Tax Credits

Published November 18th, 2010, Uncategorized

World Wrestling Entertainment, a Stamford-based company that is being investigated by the Connecticut Department of Labor for alleged misclassification of employees as independent contractors, is a significant beneficiary of a tax credit program to lure television and movie production to the state. A study of these film tax subsidy programs in 43 states, undertaken by […]