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My Take on Fedor’s Loss and ‘Mixed Martial Arts Randomness’

Published June 28th, 2010, Uncategorized

“No-Longer Invincible Fedor Latest Victim of Mixed Martial Arts Randomness” by Irvin Muchnick‚ Beyond Chron

Background on Martha Hart’s Suit Against Linda McMahon and WWE

Published June 27th, 2010, Uncategorized

Linda McMahon, the well-heeled Senate candidate, and Martha Hart, the resourcefully litigious widow of a performer in Vince and Linda McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment, had a tit-for-tat Sunday. On Face the State on WFSB-TV, Linda tried to debunk the lawsuit over the exploitation of the late Owen Hart’s likeness in a new DVD. In a […]

My Coverage of Fedor Emelianenko’s Shocking Loss

Published June 27th, 2010, Uncategorized

Fedor’s mystique snuffed in 69 seconds By IRVIN MUCHNICK FOR QMI Agency and SLAM! Sports

‘Voters Must Weigh McMahon Business Experience’

Published June 25th, 2010, Uncategorized

Letter to the editor in the New Haven Register by Frank DePino of Hamden:

People Died on Linda McMahon’s Watch, And That Ain’t No Soap Opera

Published June 24th, 2010, Uncategorized

Slick as owl shit, like the Linda McMahon campaign always is, Connecticut’s would-be Republican senator has rolled out a new TV commercial in which she turns the fake-vs-real question inside-out. Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo blog has a decent analysis, including a comparison of McMahon’s ad with the way another showbiz figure, comedian Al Franken, […]