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(Very Little) More on Dead Wrestler Damien Steele

Published July 26th, 2009, Uncategorized

I have just a few nuggets of new information, and no real hard information, on the death last week of independent wrestler Damien Steele. As noted in my previous post, Steele died suddenly in Georgia. I still don’t know where exactly; presumably it was in the Atlanta area, where, according to LinkedIn, he worked as […]

Another Dead Wrestler — Damien Steele

Published July 24th, 2009, Uncategorized

A wrestler on the Georgia independent circuit, Damien Steele, was found dead at home on Wednesday. The first reports don’t say where (probably Georgia) or his age (probably late 20’s or early 30’s) or (always of paramount interest when a young wrestler dies, especially in Georgia) a known cause. Steele spent some time in WWE’s […]

Meltzer on Lesnar — Read and Learn

Published July 17th, 2009, Uncategorized

Frank Deford has called Dave Meltzer, publisher of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “the most accomplished reporter in sports journalism.” With the right subject in the right context, Meltzer has strong commentary chops, too, and everyone can read them in his latest column for Yahoo Sports, for which he covers mixed martial arts. I highly recommend […]

‘Brock Lesnar: Fusion Sports Star’ (full text from Beyond Chron)

Published July 17th, 2009, Uncategorized

[originally published at Beyond Chron on July 14,]31] By Irvin Muchnick They used to say that the day before the major league baseball all-star game (Monday of this week) and the day after (Wednesday) were the only two on the calendar in which not a single major sports event was held. How obsolete that […]

‘Brock Lesnar: Fusion Sports Star’ … today at Beyond Chron

Published July 14th, 2009, Uncategorized

“Brock Lesnar: Fusion Sports Star” by Irvin Muchnick