International Swimming Hall of Fame CEO to Muchnick: ‘Will Respond Before the Week Ends’

Published June 19th, 2013, Uncategorized

June 13, Muchnick to Bruce Wigo, President CEO of the International Swimming Hall of Fame:

You are right to be correcting the record regarding the ISHOF status of Rick Curl. I will be writing about that, but I will also be making the point that the reasons why Curl is not in a Hall of Fame (along with the reasons why he was never formally on an Olympic coaching staff) also tell us a lot about the decades-long cover-up of his known sexual abuse, for which he was only recently criminally charged and sentenced.
I also have a further and related question for you: Since in the Swimming World article you state that ISHOF would not include sex abusers among its honorees, what is your position on Paul Bergen and Murray Stephens? I would like to begin this discussion by not pretending that you know nothing about the allegations against them, and I would prefer to hear in your own words the threshold of evidence or procedure by which Bergen or Stephens or anyone would be “de-inducted.”
June 14, Wigo to Muchnick:
I have received your email and will respond next week.
June 19, Wigo to Muchnick update:
 I … will respond before the week ends as promised.