Just Another Day at the USA Swimming Office: Coach and ‘Diversity Consultant’ Ben Sheppard Banned for Sexual Misconduct

Published June 14th, 2013, Uncategorized

USA Swimming should save us all some time and commence publishing a list of coaches who aren’t banned for life for well-founded allegations of sexual abuse.

The latest is Ben Sheppard, who developed the Oakland Undercurrents team and swimming’s outreach to minority communities. His story was first told in the East Bay Express in my neck of the woods – the same publication that I helped in busting Jesse Stovall, who had been my daughter’s head coach at Bear Swimming.

SwimSwam’s report on Sheppard is at http://swimswam.com/ben-sheppard-added-to-usa-swimming-banned-list/.

Now that USA Swimming “diversity consultant” Sheppard can no longer coach, I suggest that connect with USA Swimming “background check consultant” Barry Nadell for a little “Hooking Up With Tawnie Lynn.”



Irv Muchnick