Must Viewing: Dani Bostick’s Talk, ‘A Voice to the Silent’

Published May 20th, 2018, Uncategorized

Another USA Swimming victim I am proud to call a friend is Dani Bostick. See:

“Introducing Danielle Bostick — Survivor of the Rick Curl Generation of Abusive USA Swimming Coaches,” April 15, 2015,

“Dani Bostick: How I Came to Name My Swim Coach Molester — And What Happened After That,” April 22, 2015,

Now Dani has given a powerful 12-minute talk about her experience and the lessons from it, that I think everyone can watch during what we hope is the overdue reckoning of the U.S. Olympic Committee and its abuse-enabling and covering up national sport governing bodies. The link is below.