Resetting the Cover-Up of Cal Football’s ‘Code Red,’ Death-Defying Strength and Conditioning Coach Damon Harrington — In Five Tweets

Published May 10th, 2016, Uncategorized

1/5 This is what a football coach’s “code red” — instigating a player-on-player criminal assault — looks like.

2/5 At Cal-Berkeley, this matters because 3 months later the same coach would supervise conditioning drill where Ted Agu needlessly died.

3/5 After Ted Agu died, a player gave the police a detailed statement about strength coach Harrington’s earlier “code red.” Where is it?

4/5 District attorney says she never got player’s police statement. Why not? A Cal campus police lieutenant says it’s all ancient history.

5/5 These are classic elements of a cover-up. Read the details at .