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ARCHIVE 11/10/07: Pro Wrestling Torch: Cena Should Agree to Random Independent Drug Testing

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch – another of the very top-tier wrestling journalists — weighs in on the Cena-CNN matter at

ARCHIVE 11/10/07: Cena and CNN and Me

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

On July 31 I had an approximately two-hour session with a CNN interview crew. The producer who interviewed me was neither Drew Griffin (the on-camera reporter who narrates Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling and interviews Vince and Linda McMahon) nor the woman seen on the WWE video interviewing John Cena.

ARCHIVE 11/10/07: How CNN Screwed Up With John Cena

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

The World Wrestling Entertainment website actually has the key element that my post of a few hours ago said would determine the magnitude of CNN’s gaffe in airing an out-of-context version of John Cena’s response to the question of whether he’s ever done steroids.

That element is the unedited video of the entire CNN interview — not just the question-and-answer on Cena and steroids. The video is there at, and it establishes that CNN screwed up big-time.

ARCHIVE 11/10/07: John Cena’s ‘Poison Pill’ CNN Interview

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

World Wrestling Entertainment and its top star, John Cena, are screaming bloody murder over a clip on CNN’s Special Investigations Unit report, Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling.

ARCHIVE 11/8/07: John Cena: ‘I Can’t Tell You That I Haven’t, But You’ll Never Be Able to Prove That I Have’

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

On tonight’s Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling, correspondent Drew Griffin asks WWE’s No. 1 star, John Cena, if he’s a steroid user.

His arm in a sling as he recovers from surgery for a complete tear of his pectoral muscle (an injury incurred almost exclusively by juicers), Cena bristles at the “crazy question.”