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ARCHIVE 10/30/07: Vince McMahon & Joe Lieberman: Morality Play Tag-Team Partners

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

Sun-tzu, the great Chinese military theorist, is credited with a piece of advice that remains solid two and a half millennia later: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” As Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment draws heat from two Congressional committees, which are contemplating hearings on the scandal-plagued pro wrestling industry, the principle is well illustrated by the strange relationship between WWE and the moralistic senator from its home state, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

ARCHIVE 10/28/07: Benoit & Orton & Drugs & Suicide … Let’s Go Over it Again

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

In the current issue of the authoritative Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that “there still appears to be no explanation that makes any sense as to why Randy Orton wasn’t suspended.”

ARCHIVE 10/26/07: WWE Lobbying: How SmackDown Does SuckUp

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

Hearings on drugs and death in pro wrestling loom from either of two committees of the House of Representatives. Let’s take a look at one area in which World Wrestling Entertainment, a billion-dollar corporation, is certain to be investing resources: lobbying.

ARCHIVE 10/26/07: Byrd Flies With Sports’ Newest Scam: ‘Hormone Replacement Therapy’

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(First published October 24 in Beyond Chron,

ARCHIVE 10/23/07: The Lost Art of Reading

Published May 13th, 2009, Uncategorized

A guy named Mike Jenkinson wrote a review of Benoit in which he states, “If there is one glaring omission …, it is that the book does not raise the possibility that Benoit had been suffering from brain damage.”

I sent him a note gently pointing out that the book does just that in one passage.